Who We Are

Founders Olivier Lemaitre and Andrew Carl both share a background in chemistry and have worked as chemists. While working at a laboratory in Cincinnati, Olivier noticed how inefficient his workday was. He was spending around a quarter of his time walking from one instrument to another and his work space was cluttered with a desktop computer, various instruments, and chemicals.

Andrew Carl, now a programmer by trade, was in the process of teaching Olivier programming. It was then that the idea of Atumsoft, now called Atumate, was formed. They both had a very complementary set of skills and decided to team up and bring IoT to the chemistry world.

Along with Brad Conyers, Atumate's VP of engineering, and Fontana Ruark, Olivier and Andrew took their idea to a local Angelhack Hackathon hosted at Uptech in Covington, Ky. Being the only hardware team there, there were high doubts within the team of them winning the competition next to the sexy apps that everyone else had made. Their hard work payed off though. Team Atumate took first place which meant they would be fast tracked into the startup world with Angelhack's HACKcelerator.

After 12 weeks of extensive startup training, Andrew and Olivier were off to San Francisco where Angelhack was hosting a Global Demo Day for 22 lucky teams from around the world to present in front of an audience full of investors. When it came to the presentation, Andrew and Olivier killed it. They took home up to $100,000 in funding from Lab360 and office hours with Y Combinator.

Coming back home, they had a lot to look forward to. Andrew and Olivier decided to quit their jobs and pursue Atumate full time in Cincinnati. They are currently working on the Atumate Bridge and getting it into labs.

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