Our Product

At a time when wireless connectivity makes life easier and tasks more efficient in countless ways, most scientific labs are behind the curve. The problem is every machine is an island. It’s commonplace for scientists to operate cutting-edge instruments in not-so-cutting-edge ways.
Until now.

Atumsoft is a turnkey IoT device empowering any scientist to access any instrument from anywhere in wireless range. Thankfully, the time-intensive method of physically walking from instrument to instrument to run operations and collect data is obsolete. Atumsoft gives complete control, untethers access to data, and frees the scientist to focus on science.

Our Features

Customer Support

Our team is at your disposal. If anything goes wrong with our product, we are available 24/7 to resolve the issue.


• Requires user authentication to view results of currently running tests
• Data is hosted locally in your lab


Instead of using a desktop computer, you can access your tests from anywhere within wireless range using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone


• Our device replaces the computer connected to the instrument, freeing up more space in the lab
• Because you can view your tests from anywhere, you'll never waste time checking on a smoothly running test